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Belts and Hoses

According to the Car Care Council
Almost 33% of the vehicles they inspected have belts and/or hoses that require replacement. Yet, most vehicle owners are totally unaware of the condition of these parts. Often people learn the hard way, that belts and hoses age, and what happens when they fail. The coolant leaks out or the water pump stops turning and the engine overheats.  The driver is stranded, faced with a expensive tow bill, and possibly even engine damage.

Hoses and belts should be checked on a regular basis and replaced if they become cracked, brittle, frayed, loose or show signs of excessive wear.  These are critical to the proper functioning of the electrical system, air conditioning, power steering and the cooling system. Most belts and hoses fail from the inside out. Rubber hose can deteriorate with age and exposure to heat. Today's hoses can often last 6 to 8 years without a problem, but eventually the synthetic material will become hard and brittle. Tiny cracks develop in the rubber which eventually cause the hose to split, blister or leak. When Oil has leaked onto the outside of coolant hose, the breakdown of the material is often  accelerated.  Oily hoses should be replaced as soon as possible.