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Caution: Never open
a Radiator when

Radiator Repair and Service

If your engine's temperature gauge is pegged, it might be time for a new radiator. 

A competent mechanic can relatively easily diagnose a leaking or restricted radiator.  Lets say you're cruising along and notice a strange whiff of ...something. It's an unnaturally sweet and puzzling odor.  It's like someone has set a towel soaked in maple syrup on fire. Within a few more miles, that whiff of sweetness has become overwhelming. Soon, it's clear what the problem is: That stench is coolant, leaking underhood somewhere from the cooling system. The temperature gauge starts to creep upward and small plums of steam are peeking out of the grille.
Stop.... Pull your vehicle to the side of the road as soon as safely possible.  (even if your gauge does not read hot) Failure to do so can result in complete breakdown or catastrophic engine failure. 
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