Emissions Diagnostics $50.00
with qualified repair - reg price $100.00 ​- Vehichles 1995 and older & Evaporative diagnostics excluded.

Emissions Repair

If you have taken your car, truck, or SUV in to an Arizona Emissions Station for smog tests, only to have your vehicle fail, don't feel alone. 

In Arizona, as many as 12% of vehicles fail on their first pass. The more important issue becomes what you need to do to get your car to pass the test so you can keep driving it.

The problem voiced by many car owners is that many of these emissions and smog tests mandated by state law are practically impossible to understand, at least from the standpoint of knowing what is expected for a vehicle to pass the test without problems.

At Faith Works Automotive, we understand Arizona's vehicle emissions requirements. We have the right equipment to diagnose your vehicle’s emissions and experienced A.S.E. Certified Master Technicians to fix your emissions problem.

We Promise to properly diagnose any mechanical problems, and repair only what is needed, at a fair and honest price. 

We want to help you make educated repair decisions that fit your budget!